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WRD750 Series Waveguide Size WRD750 Frequency 7.5-18.0 GHz
Ridged Waveguide
WRD750-01-NF    Adapter, Waveguide to Type N Female     
WRD750-01-SMAF  Adapter, Waveguide to SMA Female        
WRD750-01-APC7  Adapter, Waveguide to 7mm Sexless       
WRD750-32-2     90 Degree E Plane Elbow                 
WRD750-33-2     90 Degree H Plane Elbow                 
WRD750-38-2     45 Degree H Plane Elbow                 
WRD750-39-2     45 Degree H Plane Elbow                 
WRD750-41-2     Straight Section, 3 inch                
WRD750-42-2     Straight Section, 6 inch                
WRD750-43-2     Straight Section, 12 inch               
WRD750-44-2     Straight Section, 24 inch               
WRD750-45-2     Straight Section, 36 inch               
WRD750-46-2     Straight Section, 48 inch               
WRD750-47-2     Straight Section, 60 inch               
WRD750-54       Low Power Dummy Load (Fixed Termination)
WRD750-74-10    Broad-Wall Coupler, 10 db               
WRD750-74-20    Broad-Wall Coupler, 20 db               
WRD750-74-30    Broad-Wall Coupler, 30 db               
WRD750-74-40    Broad-Wall Coupler, 40 db               
WRD750-77       Waveguide Switch, Solenoid Operated     
WRD750-78       Waveguide Switch                        
WRD750-79       Waveguide Switch, Motor Drive           
WRD750-81       Low-Medium Power Dummy Load             
WRD750-82       Medium Power Dummy Load
WRD750-84       High Power Liquid Cooled Dummy Load     
WRD750-89       Waveguide Switch, TTL Controlled Latching Type
WRD750-90-2     90 Degree Twist                         
WRD750-91-2     45 Degree Twist                         
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